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Depository principle of warehouse tray
- May 08, 2018 -

1. channel for safekeeping. In order to facilitate the storage of articles, it is easy to move in the warehouse. The basic requirement is to keep items in the way.

2. raise the storage efficiency as far as possible. Effective use of library content product should be placed as high as possible. In order to prevent breakage and ensure safety, scaffolding and other storage facilities should be used as far as possible.

3. the selected location is based on the outgoing frequency. Goods with high frequency of delivery and delivery should be placed near the entrance and easy to operate; poor liquidity objects are placed far away from the population; seasonal items are selected according to their seasonal characteristics.

4. the same variety is kept in the same place. In order to improve the efficiency and efficiency of the work, the same goods or similar items should be kept in the same place. The familiarity with the location of the objects in the warehouse directly affects the time of the storage. It is also an important way to put similar items in the adjacent areas.

5. arrange the location of the storage according to the weight of the goods. Of course, when placing a place, put the heavy things on the bottom and put the light on the shelf. Large items requiring manual handling are based on waist height. This is an important principle for improving efficiency and ensuring safety.