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Different types of pallets need to be changed at different locations
- May 08, 2018 -

Use one side plastic tray as usual double-sided plastic tray

For this title, we need to consider the forklift that you use. If you use a manual hydraulic forklift or a manual hydraulic forklift and a mechanical forklift, you have no need to consider the double side tray, because the manual hydraulic forklift can not be used as a double-sided plastic tray. Assuming that all of your applications are mechanical and electric forklifts, single sided and double sided pallets can be selected.

Plastic pallets are made of PE\PP and other thermoplastic plastics, adding some improved functions, and processed by injection and blow molding. With the requirements of production conditions, storage conditions, process control and quality management, plastic tray manufacturers begin to present and occupy a place, now, business, and business. There are many plastic pallets on the field, and the quality is different.

The acquisition of plastic pallets cannot be compared to price and product weight.

The plastic tray factory professionals introduce that the plastic pallets are all blue color in the same usual circumstances. It is very convenient for many plastic tray producers to use the plastic. On the one hand, it has disrupted the order of the shopping mall, on the other hand, the users suffered the loss. It is also used to compare the product components and measure the price concave and convex of the plastic pallet products with the weight of the products. In fact, this method has been discovered by the sensitive production enterprises. They are exercising the physiology of the consumer, adding a part of calcium carbonate and other heavy substances to the product, not just falling. Lower their generating cost also greatly advances the weight of the product itself, but the consumer is kept in the dark.