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Load of plastic tray
- May 08, 2018 -

Tray placement

1. rigid, straight side goods such as wood, paper and metal containers are stacked in single or multi staggered yards, stretched or shrink packed.

2. paper or cellulosic goods can be put in a single layer and put together with straps and cross seals.

3. sealed metal containers and other cylindrical goods are single or multi-layer, and wooden cargo covers are reinforced.

4. it is necessary to carry out the paper products of moistureproof, waterproof and other protection, single or multi layer staggered code of textile goods, the reinforcement structure, such as the increase angle support of the tensile or shrinkage film packing, the cover plate of the cargo cover and so on.

5. fragile goods can be stacked one way or more, adding wooden support partition structure.

6. cylindrical containers or goods in metal bottles should be vertically placed in a single layer to increase the reinforcement structure of cargo frames and lath.

7. kinds of bags are interlaced and compacted.