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ndustry status of plastic pallets
- May 08, 2018 -

The China logistics and procurement Federation tray Specialized Committee investigated more than 300 production, transportation, warehousing and circulation enterprises in four major cities in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou in September 2002. From the present situation of the pallet, the existing problems and how to solve it, the use of Chinese pallets was understood. And analysis, this work is conducive to strengthening the coordination and guidance of the pallet industry, as well as providing valuable information and suggestions for the logistics management departments and related enterprises.

(1) the material of the existing tray

China's logistics and procurement Federation pallet Specialized Committee preliminary survey shows that China has a variety of pallets of about 50 million ~7000 million, an annual increase of about 20 million pieces of production. Among them, wooden flat pallets account for 90%, plastic pallets account for 8%, steel pallets, composite pallets and paper pallets account for 2%. The proportion of composite pallets and plastic pallets increased greatly.

(2) standards and main specifications

At present, China's pallet specifications are rather chaotic. In addition to the use of two kinds of pallets of 800mm * 1000mm and 500mm~800mm specified by JB3003-81, in 1996, the Research Institute of the Ministry of communications of China also put forward the national standard of using the ISO6780:1988 "the main dimensions and tolerances of the common flat pallet" as the Chinese tray. After that, the original National Technical Supervision Bureau approved and issued the equivalent standard with the GB/T2934-1996 standard series number, including 4 tray specifications, such as 1200mm x 1000mm, 1200mm x 800mm, 1140mm x 1140mm and 1219mm x 1016mm.