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Pay attention to the molding method of buying plastic pallet.
- May 08, 2018 -

1. Vacuum plastic molding

The plastic pallet produced by this method has one side and two sides. Single sided plastic tray is mainly used for small motor and wire coil packaging and transportation. The double sided plastic tray is divided into 2 methods: the upper half is the fixed length, the fixed width plastic sheet, the lower half is the large vacuum plastic, and the upper and lower half are all large vacuum sucking products.

Two, extrusion hollow blow molding

The extrusion molding of the plastic tray - the hollow blow molding and the general blow molding of the hollow products have the same place. But because of the larger product and double sided type, it needs a larger extruder, a mould machine and a mold, but the input of the mold and equipment is smaller than the injection molding, and the cost is relatively low, but the system is made. The product is not dense, the flatness is poor, and the uniform wall thickness is difficult to control.

Three. Injection molding method

It has the advantages of flat, bright, crisp, dense and so on. It can be divided into two types: double faced integral type and assembled plastic pallet. The integral pallet has complex shape and high cost, but the product quality is relatively good. Many manufacturers use assembled pallets to divide the two-sided integral pallet up and down two parts, and then assemble them after injection molding. This product needs 2 pairs of moulds, which is greatly simplified in the structure of the mold. The total investment of the mold is cheaper than the whole. This production method may be the main stream of the plastic tray.