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Precautions for the use of plastic pallets
- May 08, 2018 -

1. in the use of the tray process, the distance between the fork and the fork of the fork should be as far as possible to the outer edge of the inlet and fork of the tray. The depth of the fork should be more than 2/3 above the depth of the whole tray.

2. hydraulic vehicles and forklifts in the use of pallet movement process, should keep uniform speed and go up and down, avoid urgent brake, quick turn caused the pallet damage, causing the collapse of the goods.

3. when pallets are on shelves, the pallet should be placed smoothly on the shelf cross beam. The length of the pallet should be greater than 50mm of the outer diameter of the rack beam. What kind of plastic pallets are suitable for cold storage or high strength environment? Polypropylene, which is positive and negative at 40 C, can not be made of polypropylene. This material can not resist low temperature. If you need to store shelves on the tray in the cold storage, you should choose double sided pallets. If the goods are not so heavy, you can choose farmland or Sichuan pallets. Another: in low temperature environment, it has been proved that modified polypropylene can be completely competent. Modified polypropylene is a high temperature incomplete polymerization product of polyethylene and polypropylene. He has both toughness of polypropylene, low temperature resistance of polyethylene, stable physical properties, abrasion resistance and resistance to fall. This material is generally recommended for large chemical enterprises, low temperature cold storage and other environments.

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