Plastic Crate

  • Plastic Crate with Handle

    Plastic Crate with Handle

    1. This plastic crate is nestable, can save much room for warehouse. Since it has holes design, it is very light to save the cost. There’s a reinforced design in the plastic crate too, which helps protect the products very well. And the textured base provides added grip on...Read More
  • Collapsible Plastic Crate

    Collapsible Plastic Crate

    1. Plastic crate are mostly used in the industrial assembly line and warehouse storage. Now the plastic crates are starting being used to agriculture. 2. ZJ-7D Collapsible Plastic Crate saves up to 75% of valuable space. 3. Smooth finish allows for easy printing or...Read More
  • Plastic Storage Crate

    Plastic Storage Crate

    1. Smooth surfaces allow for easy branding and/or self-adhesive labelling. 2. Reinforced wall ribs allow for higher load capacity and increased product protection. 3. Reusable & Eco-Friendly: Reduce costs and packaging waste. 4. Stack to maximise storage space,textured...Read More
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