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Features Of Plastic Pallets:
- May 08, 2018 -

1. deflection force: instant deflection force can prevent the goods from being scattered on the pallet when it is lifted by the fork truck.

2. bending: when the plastic pallet is placed on the rack, its bending will increase gradually, and it will not exceed ten millimeters in the automatic warehouse.

3. resistance to impact and durability;

4. usability: light weight, simple operation, forklift easy access, stable size;

5. moving load: the maximum weight allowed to be lifted by a forklift at one time; static load: the maximum weight that the bottom tray can bear in the palletizing; the overhead load: the maximum weight allowed when the goods are packed on the shelf. The load is closely related to shelf life, temperature and storage period.

6. health: no decay, no moisture absorption, easy to rinse, easy to dry, no insects and bacteria;

7. safety: light weight, no nails, protrusions;

8. the service life is long and can be reused.

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