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The Development Of Plastic Pallets
- May 08, 2018 -

The plastic tray has the big number in the commodity circulation and transportation process, and there are also the trumpet of the net dish used in the supermarket, whether it is big or small, the development speed of this industry is very fast. It is understood that plastic pallets are in a period of rapid growth in China. Domestic circulation needs about 80 million pallets per year, including 20 million ports (exports), and total demand will increase further. Although plastic pallets are late and cost is relatively high, they still grow at a rate of more than 10% per annum.

Plastic pallet is a new product which has been popularized abroad in the 70-80 years of the last century. Compared with traditional wooden pallets, it has the characteristics of light quality, water resistance, moisture proof, tidy, high hardness, and high recoverability. However, the promotion and application in the domestic market has been affected by many factors, such as price.

In recent years, the market of plastic pallets has changed stealthily, especially since last year. The main factors are as follows: the control of forest deforestation is increased by the state, the cost of wood has risen sharply, the demand for wooden pallets in foreign transportation is more and more harsh, and the use of plastic pallets is stimulated; people's environmental awareness and national environmental protection regulations are improved, and the reportable advantages of plastic pallets appear; the scale of ethylene production in China Rapid development has reduced the cost of raw materials for plastic pallets, and price is no longer a disadvantage of plastic pallets. The State Railway Department formally below, in the future in the railway transport ban on the use of wooden pallets, and the food, medicine and other industries may also be banned in 2 years after the hearsay of wooden pallets, so that the quantity of plastic pallets from these industries is rising in a straight line.