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The Reason For The Good Development Of The Plastic Tray
- May 08, 2018 -

The general plastic tray has three meta - ethylene propylene rubber, natural rubber, and other materials, which can help the aging of the plastic pallets become more slow, and then the material properties page is anti corrosion, moisture-proof, mildew prevention and other benefits. The auxiliary development and formulation are analyzed according to different needs in the market, and can be more resistant to high temperature, oxidation resistance and materials which are not easily deformed. So now a lot of plastic pallet companies are constantly innovating their products to increase sales. In recent years, with the increasing calls for environmental protection in China, and the stringent inspection and quarantine requirements for imported products (including wooden pallets) in countries and regions of Europe, the United States and Japan, the use of wooden pallets is more and more restricted. And plastic tray with its wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, complete recovery and other excellent characteristics, the development prospects are more promising, and even the industry reputation as the best variety of pallets. Packaging and transportation of plastic pallets has played a key role in international logistics. As a small cargo carrier, pallets form a large carrier to facilitate international logistics by placing the goods as a whole, packing, transporting, and container packing. The goods are transported from the warehouse to the distribution and then to the export. A lot of manpower, material and financial resources were saved in the middle, which saved a lot of money for the plastic turnover box manufacturers. The cost of foreign trade is reduced, the competitiveness of the plastic turnover box manufacturers has been increased and the competitive advantage of the international market has been improved. At present, the plastic pallet structure made by domestic plastic pallet manufacturers can basically realize four forklift trucks. This structure can realize no matter which direction the forklift truck can carry up the turnover of the pallet, the use is more flexible and the turnover is more convenient. The tray with the field type structure can also be used for stacking in high containers. The space utilization rate of containers is increased, and the transportation cost is reduced. However, there are still some problems in the pallet industry. We should improve from some aspects, so that pallets can better serve the logistics industry.