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What Caused The Difference In The Price Of The Plastic Tray
- May 08, 2018 -

A, plastic pallet material: commonly used HDPE (chemical name: HDPE) and polypropylene (chemical name: PP). The prices of these two kinds of raw materials are different, and the price difference will be greater in some specific periods (along with international oil price changes).

B, plastic tray weight: obviously, the greater the weight of the tray, the more raw materials it uses, the higher the price. The weight is also related to the mold. The weight of the plastic tray from the same mold is basically the same, so the choice of the mold is also very important.

C, plastic tray structure: the same weight, different structure of the tray, some of the injection molding, no subsequent processing, some pallets need to pass through the process of welding and other processing, of course, the cost is higher, the price industry is not very expensive, in addition, there are skid strips, steel tubes, RFID (built-in chip), and other pallets, The cost will also increase significantly and the price will be raised accordingly.

D, the proportion of recycled material: the recycled material tray is a one-time injection molding tray with a certain proportion of recycled material; it is obvious that the more the proportion of the recycled material, the lower the cost and the lower the price. In order to maintain survival, some small scale manufacturers reduce the price in three places, add recycled materials and even use all the recycled materials to make the quality of the pallet uneven. It looks very low and cheap. In fact, there may be serious quality questions, which cause the service life of the tray itself very much. It's short.

E, pallet color: the color of the pallet product can be tailored according to the needs of the customer, just adding the corresponding color masterbatch (common blue, black, green, red, etc.)